HYDE SHIPPING CORP delivered my car in a bad condition

Mexico City, Capital District 0 comments

I dropped my dodge Caravan off with hyde shipping company in Miami.My car was to be shipped to Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

First they gave me a quote of $750 but ended charging me $1,039.00 (they wanted to charge me $1,200). They claimed the difference was due to the size, but they place all the cars in the same container. I made sure to write down the mileage when I dropped it off and checked it as soon as customs in Mexico opened the container. They told me to drive it out of the container so they could inspect it.

While I was still inside the container I checked the mileage again: Hyde employees had driven the car for 5 miles.The carpet was really dirty, not just the front but even around the back seats and the car had a white scratch on the side of the mirror and the gas gauge wasn't working, but the most frustrating was that even after we contacted them to complain they denied everything and couldn't apologize.

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